Bohnet & Associates, Inc

The alternative to an Oily-Water Separator
for vessels under 400 gross tons.

Bilge Water Extraction System

The Bilge Water Extraction  System that Works!!!

2.5 GPM

5.5 GPM

SeaPure, a leading designer and manufacturer of bilge water treatment systems, has created a system that will help you meet or exceed federal requirements for bilge water treatment.

Each unit is a filtration vessel containing SeaPure patented high absorption capacity media for oil and grease and will effectively remove oil from bilge water as low as 5 ppm.  These systems will arrive turnkey and ready for electrical hook up and are easily plumbed from the unit to the bilge.

It could end up costing you thousands in fines or operating costs if your current system does not meet Federal Standards in Bilge Water Treatment or you have purchased a system that doesn't work as advertised.  Experience is the difference with SeaPrue!